A Global Coalition for Orphan Care
The Orphan Coalition is a fiercely independent nonprofit orphan support organization. We are a passionate and tenacious global alliance who are protecting and supporting orphans who can’t defend or care for themselves.

HomeIn many countries, orphaned and abandoned children are considered outcasts. Not only have these children lost their parents, they are being assaulted by horrific abuse and neglect. Poverty, sexual exploitation, preventable diseases, malnutrition, war, illiteracy and even slavery prey on orphans like no other social group.

This is our fight, our cause, our reason for existence. We are an army of caring people, businesses, and nonprofits working together to love, support, protect and care for these defenseless victims. True victims in every sense of the word.

We invite you to consider joining our cause. As individuals working alone, it is difficult to make a real difference. However, as a global coalition of tens of thousands working together with one purpose, we can change the world. Help us change the world!