Are the photos I see on the website actual orphans?
Yes. All of the children you see on our website are orphans currently supported (or we are seeking support for) by the Orphan Coalition.

Can I communicate with the children’s center or orphans I support?
Of course. However, we do put the safety of our orphans first so there are rules. Email correspondence and letters are the most common way we facilitate correspondence. For the children’s centers we ask that correspondence be directed to all of the children so that none feel isolated or left out.

Is the Orphan Coalition a religious organization or affiliated with any particular denomination or sect?
No. We are not a religious organization. The Orphan Coalition does not discriminate against orphan support nonprofits on the basis of religious or secular origin. We provide funds to religious and non-religious orphan support organizations. The criteria we use is based upon our 4 mandates which can be read by clicking here.

What experience does the Orphan Coalition have?
Our coalition membership of orphan support organizations represents more than 237 years of combined experience.

Why do you not provide support to orphans in the United States?
Basically because of the foster care system in the U.S. There are many well funded orphanages and children’s homes in the U.S. Please click here for information we have for the U.S.

Why is there such a wide range of costs per child?
Our typical costs vary between $20 and $50 per child. Country costs variances, matching funds, home being paid for or rented, and different cost of living ratios are all reasons why different homes have different costs per child. We try to average it out the best we can.

How can the Orphan Coalition support itself if 100% of the donations go to the orphans?
We have donors who specifically give for the purposes of providing for our overhead. The only donations received that apply to our overhead are donations specifically designated for overhead. Even donations received that have no designation assigned to it goes fully and directly to orphans.

Can I provide support in other ways rather than financially?
Of course! We are a coalition of volunteers too! We have several ways you can utilize your heart, skills and resources. Please contact Becky Harp at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  for more information.

How many orphans does the Orphan Coalition currently support?
Our coalition membership of orphan support organizations supports just over 20,000 orphans combined worldwide.

How many more orphans is the Orphan Coalition attempting to support?
We have about 150,000,000 more orphans to go.

Can I make the Orphan Coalition a recipient in my will?
Of course! See more information on bequeathing through your will here.

What is the difference between a children’s center and an orphanage?
Sometimes the only difference is the name, depending on the country and home. We use terms like children’s center and care home for the most part to describe a loving home. An orphanage may also fit this description as well however we typically refer to an orphanage as more of an institutionalized facility or government run or sponsored.

How long does it typically take for an orphan support organization or children’s center/orphanage to receive approval to join the Orphan Coalition and receive coalition funds?
We review applications every week, conduct detailed interviews every month and do onsite visits and approvals every quarter.

Why do you sell merchandise?
We sell merchandise such as shirts, hats, mugs, etc because we had so many requests asking us to do so. ALL profits from the merchandise sales go toward our overhead expenditures.