If you are seeking funds as an orphan support organization, children’s center or orphanage, then we would first like to offer our sincerest appreciation for the efforts you are making in helping orphans. It is a daunting endeavor, and we respect and are grateful for good hearted people who are helping orphans. We know you do not do it for the sake of appreciation or for accolades of any kind, but we would still like to say thank you for what you are doing!

If you are a quality organization running a quality program, then you will appreciate the arduous process in joining the Orphan Coalition. If you are a con artist, scammer or unscrupulous organization, you should stop now. You will be revealed for whatever you are (good or bad) through our vetting process. All new coalition members are visited in person for facility inspection before one dollar is sent.

You will have an initial undertaking you will likely consider substantial. We take the stewardship of the funds raised for the support of orphans very seriously because we know that, in many cases, it is a matter of life and death. Our donors trust us to make sure that their funds are spent wisely and get to the orphans in need. We take this responsibility with the utmost seriousness, importance and humility.

The first step to be considered for potential candidacy to join the Orphan Coalition is to fill out our application. We highly encourage you to be as detailed in your answers as possible. Detailed photos are required in the second round of the deliberation process but does help in the application stage.

We have 4 mandates for coalition membership for orphan support organizations. To see those mandates, click here.

If you are a nonprofit located in the U.S. seeking financial support from the Orphan Coalition click here for our application.

If you are a nonprofit located outside of the U.S. seeking financial support from the Orphan Coalition click here for our application.

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