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There are two sides to our coalition chain. On one side, we are a coalition of people, businesses and other nonprofits providing financial support and other resources. On the other, we are a coalition of respected orphan support organizations, children’s centers and orphanages.

We are a coalition, an alliance of all kinds of different people from all over the world. We speak different languages, have different skin colors, have varying religious, social and political beliefs. We are different in many ways, but when it comes to orphans we are the same.

We all agree that rhetoric about the unacceptable plight of orphans is not enough. We all believe that action must be taken and must be taken now. We all believe that orphans are victims through no fault of their own. We all believe that orphans should not only receive basic human physical care and support but also should be afforded the opportunity to learn the life skills necessary to become more than a sad statistic.

We as individuals disagree on many of the issues of this world. We, however, as a coalition come together in unison with one vision and goal for orphans. Together we are powerful. Together we are changing the world. Change the world for orphans with us. Join the Orphan Coalition.

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